Quitting Mailchimp? Now’s the time!

Are you a Mailchimp customer affected by their May 2019 pricing update? Or looking for a marketing solution that will have it all – only cheaper? With GetResponse you can find everything (and even more) you are now missing in Mailchimp. It’s never been easier and more worth your while to switch from Mailchimp to GetResponse.

Fair pricing. Fair contact count.

Beware the Mailchimp bill shock

Your list grows every month not only with new contacts, but also with unsubscribes and unconfirmed contacts. Sure, unsubscribes and unconfirmed emails are natural, but paying for them is not. If you don't manually purge these inactives from your Mailchimp audiences, they will compound and grow your bill exponentially over time!

Unlike Mailchimp, we don't charge for unsubscribes, unconfirmed contacts, or for landing page visitors.You only pay for active contacts, so you don't have to remove them manually every month to stick to your budget.

Pay less for more

We’ve got pricing for any marketing budget. You will never get that many features for that little elsewhere. Check out what GetResponse lowest rates include, and what Mailchimp might be missing. 

24-month prepay discount (30%) $10.50 $19.99
Example list size  1,000 1,000
Contact lists / Mailchimp audiences Unlimited 3
Forms per audience/list Unlimited 1
Maximum contact capacity for this plan Unlimited Up to 50,000*
Email sends/capping Unlimited Up to 500,000**
Unlimited Landing Pages
5,000 free stock images
Unlimited drip campaigns
Custom-coded templates/HTML editor
Sending time optimization
Delivery by time zone
Retargeting ads

* For list size bigger than 50k in Mailchimp you need a more expensive package **Capping based on your list size

Expert-supported migration

 We’ll help you switch in a smooth and simple way. Just give us a shout via Livechat and our Customer Success Experts will guide and aid you through every step of setting up your new awesome GetResponse account and moving your data from one service to another. 

Ecommerce solutions

Struggling after the Mailchimp and Shopify breakup? Feel like you’ve got nowhere to turn to connect your Shopify store and email marketing campaigns? A Shopify integration comes standard in all GetResponse plans for ecommerce. We’d never dump our customers' favorite apps.


Multiple payment gateway integrations

Robust template libraries

With GetResponse you get unlimited access to all templates and free images – no matter what package you choose.

You can also use our HTML editors and upload your templates from HTML and from ZIP.

Dumping Mailchimp has never been easier – do it now!